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After a single dose of intravenous fluconazole (200 mg), cystoscopy and ureteroscopic lithotripsy were performed under general anesthesia to remove the remnants of the fungus ball and right ureteral stone.
A fungus ball can originate from agglutination of a necrotic tissue nucleus (papillary necrosis), mucosus debris and foreign or lithiasic debris; this can then lead to a urinary tract obstruction and hydronephrosis, which is a very rare complication of candiduria.
1) (The fungus ball would then most likely be a secondary phenomenon resulting from altered sinus physiology.
Three diseases were present: rhinocerebral, pulmonary, or fungus ball.
An inspissated fungus ball was found in the sphenoid sinus and removed (figure, C and D).
Surgical removal is sufficient because fungus balls air not known to recto: We describe an interesting case of a sinonasal fungus ball that resembled dental filling material on radiologic imaging because of its extraordinatry radiopacity.