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99) virtually and access a Furbish to English dictionary.
Additionally it will furbish 12 restaurants ranging from casual-chic to fine dining and an observation deck with a panoramic view in all directions.
We wanted to help raise money to furbish the hospice when it opens in Coventry.
Grocery delivery service FreshDirect has announced that it has appointed Dean Furbish to the role of chief executive officer.
Due to over-expansion during the bubble of the late 80's and early 90's, a time when rooms cost up to $1 million each to build and furbish, a number of industry leaders and small chain operators are now in serious financial distress.
The pint-sized digital furballs are stuffed with sensors and an infrared light source that allow them to notice when a person or another Furby are in the room, and to ``communicate'' with them, initially in a nonsense language called Furbish.
Moose, bear, and the Furbish lousewort, an endangered plant found only along the Upper St.
Furbies can speak 200 words and 800 phrases and they come with their own dictionary so you too can learn how to speak Furbish.
They were--wait for it--outraged that unworthy humanity seeks to extend its life span without asking the permission of water, trees, furbish louseworts, and a representative council of mammals from mice to moose.
The FURBY creature also communicates through silly phrases, first spoken only in its "native" language, FURBISH.
Furbies talk their own Furbish language, and over time they will learn to speak English as well.
They start off communicating in Furbish nonsense but will eventually speak English.