furnish evidence

See: adduce, bear, evince
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ISLAMABAD -- After allegations of horse-trading in recently held Senate elections surfaced, the Election Commission of Pakistan has summoned leaders of political parties on March 14 to furnish evidence so that legal proceedings could be started against the lawmakers who allegedly sold their votes.
Under that deal, "all those carrying Myanmar identity cards," those able to present "other documents issued by relevant Myanmar authorities," all those "able to furnish evidence of their residence in Myanmar," and "all those willing to return to Myanmar" will be eligible to do so.
is required to furnish evidence of their corporate existence
To our enormous surprise, we learned that a few days ago some of these women were summoned to medical boards or received letters asking them to furnish evidence medically certifying that they were raped 41 years ago
In such cases the parents have to furnish evidence that their child has been vaccinated earlier and has received the booster dose as well," he said.
The court remarked during trial court you had opportunity to furnish evidence.
India has been upset over the almost non-existent trial in the 2008 Mumbai attack case, with the court even releasing mastermind and LeT operations commander Zaki-ur-Rehman Lakhvi as the Pakistan government failed to furnish evidence.
A carrier may be required by the State Party into which it operates to furnish evidence that it maintains adequate insurance covering its liability under this Convention.
Refuting the charges, Minister of State for Information and Broadcasting Rajyavardhan Rathore said the government has always maintained a distance from the entire process of film certification and Samson should furnish evidence.
TAKE NOTICE that Kuaile Touzi Limited intends to submit an application to the County Registrar for the County of the City of Dublin, for the acquisition of the freehold interest of the aforesaid properties, and any party asserting that they hold a superior interest in the aforesaid premises (or any of them) are called upon to furnish evidence of the title to the aforementioned premises to the below named solicitors within 21 days of the date of this notice.
But, he failed to furnish evidence about the Congress having reached an agreement with the P before the December 4 polls.
This is an important service for our business customers who wish to furnish evidence within the framework of their compliance guidelines that they use climate neutral print products," says Betz.