furnish evidence

See: adduce, bear, evince
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Refuting the charges, Minister of State for Information and Broadcasting Rajyavardhan Rathore said the government has always maintained a distance from the entire process of film certification and Samson should furnish evidence.
Because Mrs Georghadji refuses to furnish evidence on her own claims of attempts of bribery and extortion, and because an attempt to bury this scandal is already underway, parliamentary control will continue, with a view to unearthing the truth," he said.
TAKE NOTICE that Kuaile Touzi Limited intends to submit an application to the County Registrar for the County of the City of Dublin, for the acquisition of the freehold interest of the aforesaid properties, and any party asserting that they hold a superior interest in the aforesaid premises (or any of them) are called upon to furnish evidence of the title to the aforementioned premises to the below named solicitors within 21 days of the date of this notice.
But, he failed to furnish evidence about the Congress having reached an agreement with the P before the December 4 polls.
This is an important service for our business customers who wish to furnish evidence within the framework of their compliance guidelines that they use climate neutral print products," says Betz.
The committee will examine all complaints received and make appropriate decisions within five days, Al-Khouli said, adding that most of the complainants did not furnish evidence to support their claims.
He said the journalists who would furnish evidence and facts about the incident would be provided protection.
The protester argues that the agency erred in rejecting its offer based on the firm's failure to furnish evidence of a conditional commitment of funds in an amount necessary to prepare the space.
We have been asked to furnish evidence regarding Raheel's involvement in the July 2006 blasts, which we have already sent across," he said.
The London-based company pleaded guilty May 24 and agreed to furnish evidence against its founder, Gary Kaplan, and 11 codefendants.
Malanjum said non-Muslims do not have to furnish evidence of their religion to the NRD, therefore, the department's move to force Joy to produce a certificate from the sharia court is ''discriminatory and unconstitutional.
As with Iraq's non-existent WMDs, Iran is now in the impossible position of having to furnish evidence for something--a more extensive uranium enrichment program than what is known to exist--which may not, and probably does not, actually exist.