furthest point

See: ambit, limit, utmost
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At its furthest point, gravestones were affected at Overpool Cemetery, together with local businesses and vehicles which required cleaning.
As a result, the moon looks far brighter and larger than it might at its furthest point.
The goal is to reach the northern pole of inaccessibility - the furthest point from land - to collect data about the melting ice cap.
The final day includes a pleasant ride through villages and farmland to the Angkorian ruins of Muang Sing, the furthest point west that the Angkor kingdom reached.
Defined as the furthest point from land on the Arctic Ocean and therefore its centre, the Northern Pole of Inaccessibility remains the last truly significant place in the Polar Regions, yet to be reached by mankind.
On the week leading up to the championships we were quite nervous but I'm happy to say everything seems to have gone well,'' said Appleby, who put his admin duties to one side to marshall at the furthest point from the main start/finish area.
The official also noted that the MYS pushed the boundaries when it decided to go to Salalah as it is the furthest point it has ever reached.
e choir, formed in 1972, is the only male voice choir associated with the Royal Navy in England - despite being at the furthest point away from the sea
At latitude 70 degrees North, above the Arctic Circle, Tuktoyaktuk will become the furthest point on the North American continent connected by land, once construction is completed in 2018.
It means the sun goes to the furthest point from the equator and the earth's North Pole tilts directly towards the sun," he said.
Even if your garden is not south facing, the furthest point of the garden may well receive just sufficient sunlight for plant growth.
Hundreds held up mobile phones as he jauntily walked past and banged on plastic tambourines handed out by sponsors, creating a roar that shook the hillsides of this picturesque spot — the furthest point west in England.