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The earlier a developer begins work on the integration of an advertising campaign, and the more integrated the ad placement process is with the creation of the game, the more contextual and native the advertising will be," said Jonathan Epstein, president and CEO of Double Fusion.
The witnesses, assembled from several national laboratories and universities, the Department of Energy and elsewhere, told the committee in various ways that igniting a plasma so that it could burn on its own without additional input of energy would be a historic event and demonstrate the feasibility of fusion power.
Only Suitcase Fusion and Font Reserve offer precise Font Sense(TM) auto-activation -- an exclusive technology that identifies and automatically activates the exact fonts used in a document, including embedded EPS files.
The same body of research has evaporated nearly all hope of eventually using cold fusion to generate power, the prospect raised by B.
Digital Fusion's move has been in the works for some time," states Gary Ryan, president of Digital Fusion.
Jones of Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah, told a gathering of physicists at Columbia University that he and co-workers at Brigham Young and the University f Arizona at Tucson had evidence for extremely low levels of cold fusion occurring in an electrolytic cell akin to, but different from, Pons' and Fleischmann's.
In an environment that relies upon tens to thousands of processors to run a single application, IBRIX Fusion enables Caltech to accelerate the performance of its applications by increasing I/O to their compute cluster while providing the ability to scale their storage infrastructure independently and non-disruptively.
If results from control runs differed significantly from those of the heavy-water experiments, the case for anew route to fusion would be greatly strengthened, says Harold furth, head of the Princeton (N.
Other researchers' observations of fusion products such as tritium (an even heavier hydrogen isotope) in volcanic eruptions and helium in diamond led Jones and his associates to think that a so-called "piezonuclear fusion" (from the Greek word meaning to squeeze) process might be occurring within the Earth's crust and that perhaps they could duplicate this process in a lab.
Double Fusion's unique approach will allow Midway to incorporate dynamic advertising into their leading properties, and benefit from the tremendous market interest advertisers have in reaching the video game audience," said Elie Wurtman, chairman of Double Fusion.
Though remaining open to the possibility that the chemists have indeed found a back door to controlling nuclear fusion for generating heat and power, most fusion scientists strongly question the claim.
With Fusion X-Series, LTX delivers exactly the capabilities, cost of test, and time to market that our customers require in today's competitive environment," commented David Tacelli, chief executive officer and president of LTX.