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Diminution reduces the triad of the (symbolic) letter, the (iconic) illustration, and the (indexical)gesture to their limit conditions by converting the strangely distancing and fussily ennobling medium of the verre eglomise into something resembling a prepared slide.
With stick-thin women picking fussily at their quarter-portion servings all around us, my partner and I opted out of the potato, onion and thyme soup and instead made our way to the main courses on offer.
Her hair had been dyed a faded orange and fussily curled.
The critics were pleased to see "the master" (Telegraph) back in action, but some had reservations: While the Guardian lamented the "long, fussily narrated opening," the Scotsman praised Traitor's "long and elegantly paced plot.
Likewise the fussily arranged slices of orange and lemon.
The poems are as dead as the Kennedy brothers, with nary a compelling image or turn of phrase to redeem their fussily stylized paeans to socialite aspiration.
It was all a bit too fussily contrived in the cause of realism.
Miyazaki's visual imagination is mind-blowing and nearly relentless, though you're forgiven for finding the story line too fussily complicated.
He is watched by his double, a rather fussily dressed figure in turtleneck and hat, who kneels with his thighs pressed tightly together and one palm upturned, as though urging his twin to rise.
He lived for those days when, waking from a doze, he would feel a certain furry, warm weight lowered into his lap--'Julius, dear, someone very special has come to visit"--soft, yet surprisingly heavy; healed, yet not disagreeably so; initially a bit restless (as a cat must circle fussily about, trying to determine the ideal position before she settles herself down), yet within a few minutes quite wonderfully relaxed, kneading her claws gently against his limbs and purring as she drifted into a companionable sleep.
The 'temples of commerce' in the downtown business quarter are, with a few noteworthy exceptions and modernistic additions, unrelievedly gloomy examples of a building tradition which tended to confuse the fussily ornate with the decorative, and, intending to impress, succeeded only in oppressing.