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All parents who've experienced such fussiness know how frustrating it can be, especially if you've spent a long time cooking a meal only to have your picky child turn his/her nose up at it.
She firmly believes there are youngsters whose refusal to eat has more to do with a deep-seated and very real phobia, rather than fussiness.
The small, wafer-thin potato scales that had been applied to the fish (clearly with some measure of skill and trouble) were another example of pointless fussiness.
The fussiness of the process is rewarded with an unusual texture that combines elements of painting and printing in a single work.
And while the fussiness made her a difficult boss, it also created an extremely successful socialite.
Hodge reckoned the fussiness of Irish ref Alan Lewis prevented a flowing match.
Britain's Ricky Gervais, creator of ``The Office,'' appeared rather unfamiliar with the utter fussiness of American awards shows, or perhaps he was rebelling against it.
The home fans were becoming increasingly frustrated with referee Trevor Kettle who took the art of fussiness to a new level.
Aside from mild fussiness, no other symptoms were noted.
The official, whose fussiness had already ruined the match, penalised Connacht, scorers of the game's only try and by far the better side, for apparently time-wasting at a drop-out 22.
Cronenberg's spare approach is far removed from Rodriguez's ultra-stylized Sin City or the Masterpiece Theatre fussiness of Sam Mendes's Road to Perdition adaptation.
Even in the absence of other confounding factors, if you compare new-borns just a few hours after birth, born to mothers with untreated depression during their pregnancy as opposed to other newborns, you'll find excessive crying, difficulty with sleep, fussiness, and difficulty being soothed.