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The second member of the party to land was a tall young man in white ducks, while directly behind came another elderly man with a very high forehead and a fussy, excitable manner.
They could not understand that I have not the necessary qualifications for it- the kind of good-natured, fussy shallowness necessary for the position.
She's a little fussy, you know, and afraid of growing old, being a widow and still in her prime.
As for the Saw-Horse, he made a wonderful record upsetting a fruit cart, overturning several meek looking men, and finally bowling over the new Guardian of the Gate -- a fussy little fat woman appointed by General Jinjur.
The Doctor, in his hey-day, had been cool over great things, but now, in his retirement, he was fussy over trifles.
Papa is fussy, and grandma makes a stir about every blessed thing I do.
I thought you would do all that fussy part and take care of the pounds, as you call them.
Suppose it is rather fussy and provoking, like all good housekeepers, --it can at any moment render an account of its disbursements.
United States Consul Lingford was a fussy, elderly gentleman, and in the two years of his service at Attu-Attu had never encountered so unprecedented a case as that laid before him by Boyd Duncan.
Inglethorp's own doctor, a portly, fussy little man, came bustling in.
I should never have thought, dear boy of mine, that you were so dainty and fussy about your food.
And by ten o'clock we were quit of Genoa; the last lean, blue-chinned official had left our decks; the last fruitseller had been beaten off with bucketsful of water and left cursing us from his boat; the last passenger had come aboard at the last moment--a fussy graybeard who kept the big ship waiting while he haggled with his boatman over half a lira.