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Orbital ATK s FMU-139D/B will be the cornerstone of the military s general purpose bomb fuze for the foreseeable future, said Pat Nolan, Vice President and General Manager for Orbital ATK s Missile Products, a division of the Defense Systems Group.
These MEMS fuzes do something else: harvest energy.
A course correcting fuze applies a level of control to these variables to increase accuracy.
specifically states that if fuze safing devices are not present, or if an armed indication is present, the fuze is considered partially armed or armed.
This order, an add-on to an order earlier this year, is further evidence that the functionality and reliability of the JPF make it the leading bomb fuze for the US and allied militaries around the world.
It is stated that the delivery of the fuzes is expected to carry out in 2015 and 2016.
Like the fuzes fitted to artillery projectiles, those used on mortar rounds can be of four types: point-detonating, point-detonating delay, time and proximity--though many designs incorporate two or more operating modes.
SSgt Michael Monroe was directing his crew of eight in removing FMU-139 tail fuzes from MK-82 general-purpose bombs when a crewmember notified him that some of the fuzes were difficult to remove.
4) of National Defense struck me, because fuzes have been an important part of my engineering career since 1947.
Kaman Corporation (NYSE:KAMN) announced today that its aerospace segment has been awarded a contract modification in the amount of USD58 million for the procurement of Joint Programmable Fuzes (JPF).
KDI's proven experience with manufacturing more than 215,000 Multi-Option Fuze for Artillery fuzes for the Army will ensure a low production cost for PGK.
The key here is the problem posed by fuzes not detonating as expected.