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As the first flight test of the program, CRAFT is instrumental in qualification of the Arming and Fuzing radar module in joint development with the Air Force and Navy.
Dave Oliveria, Business Development Executive, for Kaman Precision Products - Fuzing, +1-407-282-1000, dave.
The sooner it gets here the better because it drives the fuzing prices drastically lower.
L-3 BT Fuze is an ordnance systems manager, a premier designer and a manufacturer of fuzing for the U.
BT Fuze and KDI are synergistic fuzing engineering and development businesses and we will look to Joe's extensive management skills and munitions industry experience for continued growth in this important segment.
The HTVSF is an advanced technology, cockpit-programmable fuze that provides the capability to destroy deeply-buried targets not reachable by other fuzing options.
BT Fuze has been a major provider of fuzing for howitzer, mortar, and tank projectiles.
Based in Clermont County, Ohio, KDI has a forty-year history as a leading provider of premium fuzing products, including proximity fuzes, electronic and electro-mechanical safety and arming devices (ESADs) and self-destruct/sub-munition grenade fuzes.
Current plans call for Motorola to exhaust its existing fuze backlog and not to pursue any fuzing business that may result in a backlog extension beyond the year 1999.