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The rules are processed using conjunction and disjunction operators and as per the hierarchical structure for fuzzily describing the wastewater quality.
I was trying to figure out what happened and that's when I dimly remember, quite fuzzily though, answering questions, mostly about the band office on my reserve.
The accusation of self-righteousness to the vaguely referred Chinese and fuzzily defined Chinese identity is based on the projected violation of the rule of acculturation or even assimilation and conversion.
To further the sense of the ungraspability of space, these shots are frequently also handheld, fuzzily focused, and rapidly edited.
The sound of Puff Daddy thumped fuzzily over old speakers and the crash of waves, several Masai danced in the moonlight while we, with our feet sinking into the dry, white sand of Zanzibar, collapsed at a table made out of an upturned fishing boat.
Patrick denied the request, citing a potpourri of supposed exemptions, including those covering personnel records, medical information and, fuzzily, the "deliberative process.
When the Spectre fuzzily designates Los as "the body" instead of locating him in the generative loins, he seems not to recognize Los' potential function as a synecdochic part, that is, as Luvah's presence within Urthona.
Companies encourage customer loyalty through cash discount rebates and attempt to differentiate their brand by speed-of-payment claims, fuzzily defined additives, and advertising that speaks vaguely of their commitment to "think differently about energy.
Before that point, you accepted the picture, but with the adjustment, you suddenly see with perfect clarity how fuzzily you had viewed the world.
fares could point to whether the genre has a future or if it, like Samantha, is consigned to a past fuzzily remembered.
It is more successful and realistic to fuzzily target markets and to fuzzily position brands or companies in their markets.