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The concept of fuzzy numbers, presented by Jain (1977) and Dubois and Prade (1988), can be applied to improve the representation of the fuzzily defined system.
Obama will probably say something fuzzily supportive of India's bid forthe seat.
A computational scheme of Degree of Match (DM) has been used with a view to estimate matching between the assertion and the antecedent part of the rule, in order to describe wastewater quality (raw and treated) fuzzily with certain degree of certainty (Erosy et.
Consequently, unless we are clear about the conflicting uses of the notion of the commons, everything fuzzily congeals so that Live8, 'end poverty' campaigners and President Obama can appear to be allies of the Zapatista movement
Corresponding to the two wavelike photons rattling fuzzily along in the computer, the hydrogen molecule has two wavelike electrons binding its two nuclei--each a single proton.
The play concertedly fuses a Christian audience, leading all viewers first to marvel at the exotic, fuzzily Muslim setting and then enabling them--together--to triumph symbolically over the "Turk.
Under the heading "Expelled," we are shown a fuzzily drawn girl walking past a door to a building we later learn is her school.
The university teachers represented here range in philosophy and tone from the fuzzily liberal to the stridently politically-correct (and how I prefer the 1970s version of that phrase: ideologically sound).
It is suggestive of the barriers within modern theatre history that Scott's confrontation with Shaw and Archer over Ibsen has become the keynote of subsequent understandings of his critical position, fuzzily labelling him some kind of prude.
I was trying to figure out what happened and that's when I dimly remember, quite fuzzily though, answering questions, mostly about the band office on my reserve.
The accusation of self-righteousness to the vaguely referred Chinese and fuzzily defined Chinese identity is based on the projected violation of the rule of acculturation or even assimilation and conversion.
To further the sense of the ungraspability of space, these shots are frequently also handheld, fuzzily focused, and rapidly edited.