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Regarding fuzziness in educational research only few references can be found like using fuzzy logic in educational measurement: The case of portfolio assessment by Fourali (1997) explained the idea of fuzzy logic in decision making through various examples.
Firstly, it is the measure of the fuzziness, showing how many elements in the universe of discourse could be accepted to the linguistic concept; secondly, it is also the measure of the randomness, showing the dispersion degree of the cloud drops; at last, it reflects the relevance of the fuzziness and randomness.
It fully combines the fuzziness (the bigger the fluctuations in the value range of the object, the fuzzier the concept) with randomness (the randomness of the membership degree) of the object to be described, which constitutes a mutual mapping between the qualitative (the concept of theory domain) and the quantitative study (the membership degree of theory domain's attribute value).
The third level concerns imprecision in the assignment fuzzy values to describe the properties associated with a fact, where an attributes are assigned values consisting of fuzzy linguistic terms such as "tall" or "warm" A "Tablet PC" may be described by a combination of linguistic variables that are assigned fuzzy values reflecting the third level of fuzziness.
2007) proposed the interval numbers to present greyness and fuzziness of grey fuzzy decision making problems, and the mathematical model of interval valued grey fuzzy comprehensive evaluation is established, and the application to the selection of the preferred project is given.
On the one hand, fuzziness is a way, for example, to describe event imprecision.
Louis have indicated that a protein that helps the brain develop early in life can fight the mental fuzziness induced by sleep deprivation.
Among the topics are modeling and simulation for an infrared guidance system, mathematical modeling for the quality evaluation of Baikal skullcap root, fault diagnosis for nonlinear analog circuits based on harmonic decomposition and coherent measurement, applications of laser underwater communication on diving operations, intuitive visualization for online image retrieval, the influence of variety in oil temperature on performance in hydro-pneumatic suspension, and general expression forms on the fuzziness of a fuzzy operator.
It was also a rare treat to see Ravel's Bolero played in full from single sultry flute to full-orchestra finale, and any fleeting fuzziness from interval drinks was dispelled in spectacular fashion by a muscular O Fortuna.
Such system is characterized by complex mechanism, ill-defined system boundary and layers, multiple variables and fuzziness (Feng and Xu, 1996; Nijkamp, 1986; Feng and Xu, 1999).
Aside from fuzziness surrounding many SS issues, an ominous influence hung over proceedings like a cumulus nimbus cloud.
Xu and Zhai (2008) proposed a fuzzy model to find an optimal technique for dealing with the fuzziness aspect of demand uncertainties.