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Glegg had doubtless the glossiest and crispest brown curls in her drawers, as well as curls in various degrees of fuzzy laxness; but to look out on the week-day world from under a crisp and glossy front would be to introduce a most dreamlike and unpleasant confusion between the sacred and the secular.
Glegg's front to-day was more fuzzy and lax than usual, she had a design under it: she intended the most pointed and cutting allusion to Mrs.
The fuzzy logic applications for health care have been developed to assess the health of the patient.
By applying of pressure sensor to start the timer and distance measurement of infrared through fuzzy logic programming operation, it is easy to implement and production.
Fuzzy rule-based systems are nowadays one of the most successful applications of fuzzy logic, but in complex applications with a large set of variables, the number of rules increases exponentially and the obtained fuzzy system is scarcely interpretable.
Furthermore, fuzzy decision making is a suitable tool in decision-making theory.
Fuzzy Logix takes home Winner in the category for its DB Lytix on Teradata in-database analytics suite of methods and functions.
Atanassov (1986) introduced the concept of intuitionistic fuzzy set(IFS), which is a generalization of the concept of fuzzy set (Zadeh 1965).
Yildiz: Fixed points in intuitionistic fuzzy metric spaces, Chaos Solitons Fractals, 29(2006), 1073-1078.
To model the problems more realistically, the diffusion of fuzzy sets into TOPSIS has been developed and applied recently.
Many complex real-world problems, such as problems associated with uncertainty and problems which include some types of prediction, can be more adequately expressed by using grey or fuzzy numbers.