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After the World Cup Gabby returns to the UK to present the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow.
A spokesman for Gabby - a mother of two - said she did not wish to comment.
I'd be delighted if the BBC ran a video clip of it every time I'm on the air," laughs Gabby, 41.
This week it's Gabby Logan, whose thin skin prompted her to retweet a message she received that told her "to get back in the kitchen".
Having already been setting record times in the shorter distance, Gabby has been spotted by Teesside Olympic long jumper, Chris Tomlinson.
Gabby Bladacchino suffered severe burns at the age of eight when her zombie outfit brushed a small candle.
This will help bring Gabby home, and send a message to anyone who wants to commit a crime and thinks they can hide in the UAE because the UAE will protect them.
Fort Worth Community Credit Union has helped local women "get their worth on" thanks to Gabby.
Gabby has a significant trauma history and attends therapy sessions to address past issues.
Gabby was looked at by many current and former ACA employees as a mentor and friend.
A talkative tortoiseshell cat is nothing new, but 2-year-old Gabby appears to be in a league all her own.
com)-- Who: Cooking with Gabby, California State Assembly Member Holly Mitchell