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Commenting on the report, Colonel Dr Abdul Gadder Al Amri, Director-General of the Sharjah Forensic Laboratory, said the number of cases has decreased compared to 2012, during which 8,831 cases were solved, including 439 cases referred by the police departments of other emirates.
The chief engineer maintained that 1100 gadders having 105 tonne weight each, were being prepared.
While historians have generally portrayed gadding to sermons as an act of "godliness," Granger argued that some of the gadders were either innovators or uncommitted "atheists" seeking mere entertainment: "There is none end of their hearing, new instruments, new voyces, new tunes, new formes, new stiles, they are all for novelties, full of the itch, full of curiositie, but their heart goeth after their pride, after their covetousnesse.