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Gadgeteer components will all have the same type of connector, eliminating the need for the soldering.
After a search by a well-trained naval security team, we entered a workshop belonging to devious gadgeteer `Q'.
When one takes the oath to become a gadgeteer, he or she must abide by the 10 tech commandments.
Many Americans are still looking for that last minute gift for the hi-tech gadgeteer in their lives, but with so much technology to choose from what are the best gadgets and gizmos on the market today?
James Bond is undoubtedly the most famous gadgeteer to grace the silver screen, so it's easy to forget that those pesky villains were sporting some neat toys, too.
The winners were determined by a panel of industry luminaries including representatives from Laptop Magazine, SymbianOne, PhoneScoop, RCR Wireless, PocketGoddess, USA Today/Gannett News, The Wireless Developer Network, Network Computing, The Gadgeteer, My-Symbian, Palm Infocenter, Bityard Magazine, TheFeature, PDAStreet, Wireless Gaming Review, KGO AM810, Network World, Smartphone Thoughts and Java World.
The gadgeteer, super-geek and younger brother of the late lamented Rocketeer, had finally found the ideal Mp3 player to use in the Gadgetmoble, freeing him from the cables that so frequently tripped him up.
More for the intellectual gadgeteer, this game fails to get Inspector Gadget fired up, but it's a novel way to unwind.
After discovering that I enjoyed thinking up unusual products, a decade later I thought up silly pseudo-inventions for a book, What the World Needs Now: A Resource Book for Daydreamers, Frustrated Inventors, Cranks, Efficiency Experts, Utopians, Gadgeteers, Tinkerers and Just about Everybody Else (1983).
WE are well into January, and it's not only a new year, but also a new decade, so this might be a good time to look into the IT crystal ball and see what's in store for gadgeteers.
Gadget Hall of Fame IF you remember the first iconic Apple Mac from 1984, the Motorola ' brick' phone and the original Nintendo game console, or fancy reminiscing about the Altair 8800 or the Osborne 1, The Gadget Hall of Fame gives all gadgeteers a techy trip down memory lane.
Working in the world of scientific trade publishing, one gets the notion that scientists are compulsive gadgeteers, itching to spend every penny of grant money and departmental equipment budgets.