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The DF officers are equipped with latest heavy bikes, android phones, and modern gadgetry.
Gadgetry in the seven-speed unit always remains in gear, even when the car is rolling along with the engine ticking over at idle speed.
Technological innovation for gold includes uses in gas masks, air-cleaning devices and as a superconductor in electrical gadgetry.
I'm no fan of cell phones, but "Electronics Detox: Leadfree material for ecofriendly gadgetry," (SN: 11/6/04, p.
Screw the diet books, fat-burning pills, and ab-reducing gadgetry.
Adam and Eve struck a pose along with the rest of the gadgetry," is the way the artist once described the collage, which tweaked the nose of '50s optimism.
His stories have none of the pyrotechnics or gadgetry of the modern thriller, and his "agents" lack the moral certitude of cardboard cutouts played by Mel Gibson or Bruce Willis.
But the question remains: Are we simply adding unneeded gadgetry to the arts?
Efficiency, space saving and the latest in cool gadgetry often culminate in the kitchen.
They wanted to use it to do something realty special for the faculty, so they put together elaborate carts for each college, packed with the very latest in display gadgetry, and accompanied by a lovely spiral-bound notebook containing all the documentation, They waited for the thanks and the pats on the back they knew would be forthcoming.
Throughout modern history, the architecture of financial institutions has assumed various forms of monumentality: the Neo-Classicism of Soane's Bank of England; the medieval earnestness of Berlage's Beurs in Amsterdam; a post-war Classical reprise with such towers as Gordon Bunshaft's Chase Manhattan Bank; and then spectacular gadgetry from the Richard Rogers Partnership at Lloyd's of London.