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It was several minutes before the tutor was discovered, so completely had the door covered him; but finally he was dragged forth, his gag and bonds cut away, and a liberal application of cold water had hastened returning consciousness.
The bullet had gone through the gag into the jaw; that is why there was a shot-hole in the scarf, but only one shot.
My hands once free, it was a matter of minutes to loosen my legs and to take the gag out of my mouth.
It appears from the will that you worked this disinterested gag, whatever it was, at Marvis Bay no longer ago than last year.
Godfrey felt Christian fingers unfastening his bandage, and extracting his gag.
He too was aroused from his studies by a tawny naked arm round his throat, by a bandage over his eyes, and by a gag in his mouth.
Trolling is an excellent method for catching gag in certain stretches of the Intracoastal Waterway, as well as the Atlantic reefs along the Florida Keys.
House Republicans continue efforts to put politics in the way of vital health care for women by attempting to reinstate the global gag rule," Lautenberg said in a statement.
Based on the requirements for discretion in order to reach facts and in line with Bahrain's public order, Dr Ali Al Buainain, the public prosecutor, has issued a gag order on publishing, through print, audio, video and online media, news or details on the case of the terror network," a public prosecution source said.
They become pub gags and public property as soon as some bloke in the audience of a Jimmy Carr concert texts a one-liner to his mates.
The zig rag man With the big gag pan Felt the rig zag can Hit the gig