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com/reports/c46417) has announced the addition of "World Measurement Gages Markets" to their offering.
The MSV procedure is similar to Gage R&R with some notable differences.
Gage Manager monitors when calibrations are due, and also offers a scheduling feature, allowing companies to set specific calibration frequencies for each individual gage.
Cylinder bore gages--Suitable for most environments and applications, these proven, traditional gages are self-centering.
After the necessary manpower and resources have been approved by management, a successful gage R&R program begins with the selection of the gage to be evaluated.
That way when one set of gages has to go to TMDE for calibration, you still have the other set available and your machine guns are still mission capable.
Gagemaker, a manufacturer of precision dimensional inspection equipment, designed the Functional Thread Roll gages to inspect "thread element variation," which satisfies System 23 requirements.
The modular concept results in relatively inexpensive, highly accurate gages that can be built quickly, says Kurt's Bryan D Stout.
In-process gages can adapt to a wide range of diameters for multiple cuts, Vrh points out.
The traditional gage, isolated from mainstream manufacturing and used to merely filter out rejects at the end of the line, may have saved reputations, but it did little to improve production.
Unlike attribute gages, which are relatively simple go/no-go devices, variable-type gages are available in a broad range of technologies.
Kurt developed an SPC/Gaging system that uses modular gaging for the foundation of all gages it manufactures.