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If you have questions about small arms gaging, contact TACOM's Tausha Knowlin, DSN 786-7364/(586) 282-7364, or email: tausha.
Two-point or three-point--Having resolved the analog versus digital question, a further decision must be made: to purchase a bore gaging system with two anvil contacts or three.
These durable instruments can be mounted on a stand for rapid gaging of batch parts, are easy to use, but are limited by the small range of sizes that can be measured by each collet.
Before acquiring a particular gaging system, manufacturers should carefully assess whether or not the system can meet their general application requirements.
In some cases, a long-running, steady process will minimize the need for process control or gaging.
West Temple Salt Lake City, UT 84115 Phone: (801) 262-0651 Instrumentation: Electro-optical measurement systems to perform continuous, on-line gaging of continuous linear products, such as hose, tubing and rubber sheets Services Offered: Technical service
From not being accepted as a viable gaging solution, modular gaging has achieved the status as the "specified" solution for fixture gaging requirements.
The new NDT Systems unit is suited for both contact spot gaging and noncontact gaging in automated in-line process control applications.
The Kurt/ATI modular gaging system consists of standard, off-the-shelf components such as base plates, part supports, measuring forks, and measuring tips.
A window of opportunity is opening for in-process gaging.
Ganged up, column gages were-and still are, for that matter-an excellent means for taking simultaneous readings from several, simultaneous gaging operations.
Todays, microprocessor-based gaging systems actually boost quality and productivity by being integrated into the manufacturing process: They not only monitor, they control a growing number of metalworking operations.