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The specific pattern of their sulphation allow GAGs various electrostatic interactions with many biological molecules and ECM constituents like growth factors and enzymes which facilitate their physiological functions and in some cases prevent their proteolytic degradation [4,5].
Media gag orders in Egypt include prohibiting televised, online, or printed media outlets from publishing any news about a certain case until investigations are completed or there is a notification by the judge who ordered the gag.
The following listing of the contents of the gag book indicates the breadth of the content and shows a gradual move from complex set-pieces and routines to lists of gags and one-liners.
When the water is clear, gags will come a long way to crash a bait, and have even been known to hit surface lures in 60 or 70 feet of water.
0) (NaCl free), using PA-hexasaccharides as acceptors and polysaccharides as donors by using combinations of GAGs (HA, chondroitin (Ch), chondroitin 4-sulfate (Ch4S) and chondroitin 6-sulfate (Ch6S), and desulfated dermatan sulfate (DS)).
But as ``Entertainment Tonight'' historian and critic Leonard Maltin points out, ``Notice that Mel Brooks hasn't repeated the gag.
Prestwich and his colleagues at the University of Utah in Salt Lake City mix a solution of a modified GAG with a solution of much shorter molecules that make the GAG molecules stick together.
Rachel Butler, from Asda, said: "We're looking for a very special gag writer.
In 1998 and 1999, Cummings ordered at least 80 gags in civil cases.
Among the possible mechanisms of diabetic microalbuminuria are decreased synthesis (10) and/or increased loss of GAGS (9,11) from the GBM.