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When the season of gaiety returned, she appeared as usual in her place in society.
With her friends she is always cheerful, and apparently happy, though the innocent gaiety of her childhood is sensibly checked, and there are moments that betray the existence of a grief that is only the more durable, because it is less violent.
Yates, was talking with forced gaiety to him alone, and ridiculing the acting of the others.
She was taken with his good looks, his well-cut clothes, his voice, his gaiety.
Henry rejoiced in my gaiety, and sincerely sympathised in my feelings: he exerted himself to amuse me, while he expressed the sensations that filled his soul.
The cardinal was, as we have said, in very low spirits; and nothing when he was in that state of mind increased his depression so much as gaiety in others.
These powers received due admiration from Catherine, to whom they were entirely new; and the respect which they naturally inspired might have been too great for familiarity, had not the easy gaiety of Miss Thorpe's manners, and her frequent expressions of delight on this acquaintance with her, softened down every feeling of awe, and left nothing but tender affection.
Of their elders some, by imitating the antics of youth, strive to persuade themselves that their day is not yet over; they shout with the lustiest, but the war cry sounds hollow in their mouth; they are like poor wantons attempting with pencil, paint and powder, with shrill gaiety, to recover the illusion of their spring.
Natasha again cried boldly, with saucy gaiety, confident that her prank would be taken in good part.
Contract notice: provision of fire safety and security for the lyrical gaiety
26 (ANI): The 69th Republic Day was celebrated with pomp and gaiety here on Friday despite the militants' call for the boycott of the celebrations.
The show will return to the Gaiety Theatre, Dublin, in 2018 with performances from March 12 to 18.