gain advantage

See: profit
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It's all about trying to gain advantage for your team, whether to win a penalty or a foul in order to get a goal for your team.
And that just drives him to perform better and help the team come Sunday, as TNT seeks to once again gain advantage in the championship duel.
The moment the war in Scotland was won David Cameron triggered another in England in a blatant bid to gain advantage for the Tories.
This collaboration would allow airlines gain advantage from the eGate's next generation of onboard services technology and Stratix's fully supported and managed mobile services.
Stanley said further that Green Bear will gain advantage in a a[euro]oefragmenteda[euro] sector thanks to the utilisation of Sunseta[euro](tm)s brand and management strength into all aspects of its business.
Although the tour was deemed as one of the squad's toughest assignments right from the beginning, former greats felt the team had opportunities to gain advantage, but failed to avail them due to a poor show from senior players, the report added.
Now, with an ongoing expansion into social media, Gwion aims to gain advantage in a crowded market with the launch of a dedicated Dioni YouTube channel which he hopes will boost trade across the region.
The Vikings completed a season sweep of the Detroit Lions in Week 10 by a score of 34-24, and can gain advantage of Chicago who is only one game ahead in the NFC North standings.
So it's unfair both on our genuine winners and restaurant customers throughout the UK if some seek to gain advantage by claiming to be something they are not.
Sadly Clr Sokhal seems more concerned to tell us about the manoeuvring to gain advantage in the council than with the issues that matter to the ordinary people of Kirklees.
But the United States last month warned that Sunni militant group Al-Qaeda was seeking to gain advantage of the revolt against President Bashar Al-Assad, who hails from Syria's minority Alawite community, a branch of Shia Islam.