gain insight into

See: perceive
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During the Internship experience, students should gain insight into the following activities:
Students reading this book can gain insight into basic scientific principles through brief descriptions of concepts and quick experiments that illustrate them.
The book includes many everyday, real-life experiences that will help readers gain insight into how to overcome the trials, tribulations and setbacks using the biblical characters that Hammond includes in the text including, Abigail, Elijah, Joseph and Ruth.
This program provides us with valuable opportunities to gain insight into commercial best practices," said Capt.
Participants will be able to benchmark their real estate and construction exposure to that of their peers, gain insight into default and loss trends, and provide valuable input to emerging commercial mortgage and construction risk management models so that they may understand and manage their risk profile better.
Students gain insight into other areas of learning such as reading and math by using the higher-level thinking skills they develop through the study of art, Carson said.
Under terms of the Fellowship, six teachers will have the opportunity to take a paid one-week internship in the Sterling Winthrop laboratories to gain insight into modern science application and careers, as well as brainstorm ideas with Sterling Winthrop researchers for an enhanced science curriculum.
Gain insight into the Global Doors and Windows market with current, historic and forecast market size figures
Gain insight into the Ukrainian defense industry with current, historic and forecast market values
Gain insight into the Naval Vessels and Surface Combatants market with current and forecast market values
Gain insight into the Taiwanese defense industry with current, historic and forecast market values