gain the favor of

See: propitiate
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Then investigations and lawsuits are launched by partisan bureaucrats -- who are ready to do every vice just to gain the favor of one man -- about these people with nonsensical allegations.
The truck continued to gain the favor of local motorists when the EPA released the fuel economy ratings for the brand new EcoDiesel version of the pickup.
Sources close to the PSP leader said the comments on the resistance didn't represent a bid to draw closer to the March 14 coalition, or gain the favor of Saudi Arabia.
Indeed, she never tried to surround herself with television cameras and local reporters to gain the favor of the people for her work.
Forbidden AccessRaed and the others get to the entrance of Karmi Shomron, each one trying to gain the favor of the guard with his finger on the M-16.
It was "hope," as in I "hope" that the economy bounces back soon or I "hope" that my company's products will gain the favor of retailers and consumers quickly.
The move was seen as a transparent bid to gain the favor of the Italian electorate prior to the Italian election, still some 18 months away.
In this way he sets up the encounter as in part a clash between a high-minded, impetuous, well-connected, articulate, and privileged count and a determined, common, hard working, and cool headed young pastor who knew how to deal with adversity and gain the favor of authorities.
The truckers are hoping their plan will gain the favor of the General Assembly while it's in session.
This delusion appears to coincide with your recent attempts to gain the favor of the local media,'' wrote Kenneth J.
The two technologies are fighting it out to see which one can gain the favor of law enforcement, the military, corrections officials, and others.
He recruits some circus insects to fight Kevin Spacey's horrid Hopper, to gain the favor of the ant queen (Phyllis Diller) and the hand of the princess (Julia Louis-Dreyfus).