gain the upper hand

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WORK at this time helps you gain the upper hand with someone, who last month was unwilling to give you a break.
Oftentimes women, in an effort to gain the upper hand in custody court, will falsely claim violence.
A characters' super-special 'Way Out Wacky Power', which can be used to gain the upper hand over sly opponents, is also up for grabs.
But the buying failed to gain the upper hand in the bond market as some investors sold bonds ahead of the auction, traders said.
Coverage of day one of the Third Test at Kingsmead in Durban, as both teams look to gain the upper hand.
Mike Poole and Scott Williams gave Newport hope with two tries in the opening eight minutes but Ponty's fluent counter-attacking soon saw them gain the upper hand.
Real Madrid put their recent troubles aside to gain the upper hand in their Champions League tie against Bayern Munich last night.
The difficult task of anticipating changes in wind direction proved crucial for crews to gain the upper hand over their opposition.
They would enable the epidemic of immunization messages to take place "behind enemy lines," Shir says, and thereby gain the upper hand.
During the war, the AFL and CIO battled each other viciously to gain the upper hand organizing Pullman's workers.