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The case is meticulously conceived, exhaustively executed, massively documented (Rumsfeld appears never to have discarded a written thought or utterance), and, above all, shrewdly anticipative in foreseeing objections by gainsayers and then preempting them.
There's "Young Sophy" of "Little Sophy by the Seaside" (CCXXXIV), in Sonnets, Lyrics, and Translations, the 1873 volume dedicated to Turner's niece, Agnes Grace Wood--a golden-haired little digger of the beach, claiming her "right of common in the land" against all gainsayers.
It's amazing that these owners have invited me in, in the hope that I will side with them and tell all the gainsayers that they're wrong
In the first place, then, since in the tempest that is on us the Christian faith is being constantly assailed by the machinations and craft of a certain false wisdom, all youths, but especially those who are the growing hope of the Church, should be nourished on the strong and robust food of doctrine, that so, mighty in strength and armed at all points, they may become habituated to advance the cause of religion with force and judgment, "being ready always, according to the apostolic counsel, to satisfy every one that asketh you a reason of that hope which is in you," (39) and that they may be able to exhort in sound doctrine and to convince the gainsayers.
Given the acrimonious parting with Steve Heighway, there were many around who saw this as more evidence that Rafa was becoming increasingly autocratic, refusing to countenance any contrary opinion and ridding himself of troublesome gainsayers.
I am not one who believes that balance in journalism is simply a matter of placing equally obnoxious (and loud) gainsayers in front of camera or tape recorder and having them go at it.
In fairness, it should be mentioned that the claim for Wilson being the first white man to see Lake Louise is not without its gainsayers.
When a new book on the subject is published, one hopes that it will tell us something new, even if to counter the gainsayers who have been gathering pace in recent years.
Just as they were gainsayers in our own country's break with Britain who claimed that no contemporary nation could function without a monarchy, that you could never entrust people with that much political power, and that a republic that these would-be visionaries were hoping to create could never hope to survive in the Machiavellian world of eighteenth-century realities, so there were those who argued against our system .