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RAWALPINDI -- Guinness World Record Management has certified and confirmed that Consultant Surgeon CDA Hospital, Islamabad Dr Naeem Taj has successfully achieved a new GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS title for 'Youngest person to have gallstones and gall bladder removed'.
The doctor at A&E told her that she could not queue jump for removal of her gall bladder and to go home with paracetamols.
People suffering from gall bladder conditions, which cause pain in the lower torso and upper back, can suffer intermittent bouts of severe pain after eating too much food, Dr Al Mehza said.
The incidence of gall bladder perforations with spilled bile or gallstones has been found to be as high as 40% (0.
Sobinsky added, "About 10 percent of the time, there are no stones and the gall bladder is inflamed for other reasons.
5 million lithotriptor already being used to break up kidney stones, researchers in West Germany have recorded a greater than 80 percent success rate in breaking up stones in the gall bladder and bile duct.
Removal of the gall bladder after an attack of cholecystitis prevents recurrences and its absence has no long-term ill effects on the digestive system.
Mrs Jackson, who lives in Alandale Road with husband Paul, also 47, was discharged from the hospital in January, 2003, after a gall bladder operation and believed all was well.
Pruthi's patient underwent various other treatments, including removal of her gallbladder at another hospital, but still had stones lodged in the common bile duct and cystic duct - the tube that connects the gall bladder to the bile duct.
Practice nurse Clare Clark told how consultant surgeon Adel Zaki Demian, of Singleton Hospital, Swansea, and former colleague Vardhini Vijay argued, apparently over the operation notes, in a coffee room, after removing the patient's gall bladder, the General Medical Council's professional conduct committee heard.
She first sought help for the problem in September 2005 and was told her gall bladder could be removed.
Janet Chattaway claims her 71-year-old mother Lily Martin died as a result of post-operative blunders following an operation to remove her gall bladder at Good Hope Hospital in October.