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What made the event even more gallimaufry, however, and almost as incoherent in theory as what its cancellation ended up precipitating, is that this particular audience had not paid solely to see a trial of wit, though Taylor describes it that way.
But the Thesaurus's Gallimaufry, which means 'jumble', includes words that may simply be a passing fad.
She was a post-grad literature student, her doctoral thesis a strange mutant gallimaufry on literature and the imagination.
Bridgwater trainer Kevin Bishop ended a five-month losing spell when Bernard, ridden by Giles Hawkins, had enough left in the locker to hold off Gallimaufry in the 3m2f handicap hurdle.
The management of BPH/PE/LUTS includes a gallimaufry of treatment options, from herbal compounds to several classes of drugs to many surgical options.
The Georgetown University library also celebrated Swinburne's centenary with "A Swinburne Gallimaufry," an exhibition based on the papers of John S.
Born in 1934, he grew up on the south side of Omaha, Nebraska, an ethnic haven populated in the early twentieth century by a gallimaufry of European immigrants.
Around us, along the archaic Sydney Road, there remains a whole gallimaufry of quaint shops and mysterious businesses.
It's a gallimaufry of paintings, statues, documents, guns and war memorabilia - the largest collection of art from the American west.
But if Off the Books sometimes seems like an inelegant information dump, it's also a gallimaufry of fascinating tidbits about the odd economics of the ghetto.
They cherish their idol because he presents the world as they know it: science, technology, history, politics, high and low culture all mashed together to make a garish gallimaufry.
Ponteland Floral Art Club, demonstration, Gallimaufry, by national demonstrator Alan Beatty from Ireland, Memorial Hall, Darras Road, 7.