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For Tatum, the role is a dream come true, who told MTV that Gambit was "the only X-Man I ever loved".
Gambit is so awful I would rather search for a needle in a giant hay stack than watch it again.
These opinions lead to an overwhelming question: Why does "Knight's Gambit" succeed while the rest of Knight's Gambit fails?
After having developed the taxonomy, a person familiar with different gambits could analyze how his/her opponent is using particular gambits to his/her benefit and then counter the gambits with a different gambit.
We think Kings Gambit would have won if he hadn't been interfered with by Wigmore Hall.
Tom Tate, trainer of Kings Gambit, said: "This was nearly the biggest day of my career, though that's the way it goes I suppose.
and Singapore-based students from the 2007 GAMBIT summer program researching user interactivity through expressive physical interfaces such as the NintendoWii controller.
Robbie Keane sits down to meet the media after completing his move to Celtic from Tottenham Hotspur and offers this as one of his opening gambits.
ArmA: Queens Gambit offers players an exciting new campaign with seven more missions for an exceptional combat simulation game," said Todd Slepian, Producer, Atari, Inc.
In the sequel, Patrick Macnee reprised his role as John Steed, while Hunt played Gambit and was joined by Joanna Lumley as Purdey, the series' glamorous martial arts expert.
You can lubricate the gambit with a conventional piece, like bundles $100 bills or a stuffed boa constrictor.
In the film's final sequence and ultimate obstruction, the opposite roles the two melancholy Danes have played throughout--sadist/masochist; observer/participant; teacher/student; analyst/analysand--collapse into one as von Trier attempts a last gambit to skewer Leth's cautious nature and ends up exposing his own vulnerability instead.