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1 - Xbox360 & PlayStation 2 (PS2) Video Games Consoles
1 - Processor & Graphics Chips Existing In Video Games Consoles
The global games consoles market grew by 18% in 2007 to reach a volume of 74 million units.
The games consoles market consists of the total revenues generated by Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony through the sale of their console platforms, including any handheld systems.
4 Definitions 19 CHAPTER 2 Global Games Consoles 20 2.
Table 1: Global Games Consoles Market Value: $ billion, 2003-2007 21
Table 2: Global Games Consoles Market Volume: Units million, 2003-2007 22
Table 3: Global Games Consoles Market Segmentation: % Share, by Value, 2007 23
Table 4: Global Games Consoles Market Share: % Share, by Volume, 2007 24
Learn what the next-generation of games consoles will offer to consumers, and which will prove most successful in what will be a competitive market.
However, the video games console market is about to enter a new phase, with Microsoft and Nintendo hoping that their next-generation offerings can gain a greater share of sales.
With PowerVR, PCs will be able to surpass home games consoles in 3D graphics performance and realism providing the ideal partner for Namco PC games titles.