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Wider Color Gamut : 3LCD projectors have up to 3 times wider Color Gamut[sup.
Comparing the results through the segment of gamut volume and the recycling efficiency of prints a certain correlation in which the variable conditions in the printing have an important role were noticed.
And, even then, it is more appropriate to talk about the color gamuts of prints, not printer.
A comparison of the color gamuts clearly shows the importance of using the correct characterization data to prevent out-of-gamut experiences.
Portrait Displays' technology aims to deliver a higher level of gamut and color to help fully implement color-managed displays on Ultrabooks[TM], tablets, and smartphones," said Dave Flanagan, Managing Director, Intel Capital.
Volume comparison of color gamuts of digital camera, monitor and print Device profile Gamut volume Digital camera CGRT24D.
a detailed analysis of color gamut computation, including a comparison of alternative techniques and an illustration of the gamuts of salient color sets and media;
7 Standard & 5 Optional Tools include Unique Gamut Viewer, which
Expanded PANTONE color libraries allow the specification of inks such as metallics, fluorescents, and pastels directly in PageMaker, while support for such advanced printing technologies as the PANTONE Hexachrome libraries extends the gamut of process color printing by permitting the use of more than the four standard process colors.
Avorcor, a software developer in Sterling, VA, and GAMUT Systems, a solution provider in Chantilly, VA, have partnered to deliver Dressing Room Buy--a set of technologies that assist retailers in delivering a collaborative sales experience.