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The test form contained different printing elements: standard CMYK step wedge in the range from 10-100% tone value, standard ISO illustration for the visual control, textual positive and negative microelements, wedges for determination the greyness and the standard wedge with 378 patches for production of ICC profiles and 3D gamut.
From ICC profile with the use of MONACO Platinum programe the gamut of prints is established.
The differences in gamut volume [DELTA] V CIE L * a * b * CCU of calibrated standard offset prints and indirect electrophotography with liquid Indigo toner amounts below 2.
In the process of color image reproduction, one of the most important parameter is the gamut of the color reproduction media.
Among the variety of devices, the gamut difference is most noticeable between a CRT monitor and a hardcopy printer.
Figures 7 and 8 compare the color gamuts of the three paper, ink and printing process combinations.
As the color characterization work has progressed, it was discovered that similar color gamuts were obtained on a particular stock even with different printing processes if the shade of the inks were similar and they were printed to the same solid ink densities.
In the reproduction of color images the one of the most important parameter is the gamut of the color reproduction media.
com/research/66b23b/color_gamut_mappin) has announced the addition of the "Color Gamut Mapping" report to their offering.
This book illustrates the range of possible gamut mapping strategies for cross-media color reproduction, evaluates the performance of various options and advises on designing new, improved solutions.
Our research shows that the collaborative selling experience benefits both the customer and the retailer," said Pete Nylund, CEO of GAMUT Systems.
Avorcor and GAMUT Systems will be exhibiting at the National Retail Federation conference at the Jacob Javitz Center in NYC from January 14-16 in Booths #207 and #1916 respectively.