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According to Carlos, the gangleader wanted him dead after the foul deed.
The gangleader would run the operations via his phone after he recruited a number of sellersin the UAE.
Gangleader James Whitlock, 27, of no fixed address - who confessed to eight more solo ATM attacks - was jailed for four years and 10 months.
Gangleader Peter Capaldi was as professorial as Guinness but even outdid him in barking madness; Marcia Warren as Mrs Wilberforce was as batty as Katie; and the rest of the gang were quite brilliant, especially Clive Rowe as the moronic One-Round, whose death scene was a piece of inspired lunacy and a display of unexpected talent rarely surpassed.
Delia finds a gun under William's mattress and angrily throws it away, unwittingly endangering his life since the weapon belongs to gangleader El Mota (the wonderfully named Zapata 666).
The Corsican gangleader thinks he can control who gets bumped off and by whom.
In 1966, Bill retired from farming and joined North Yorkshire County Council as a gangleader on the roads team.
The police have evidence to suggest the stolen cash was smuggled abroad by the suspected gangleader, Terrance McGurk, and is believed to be somewhere in Spain.
A STREET in Liverpool's tough Norris Green has been turned into a shrine for local gangleader Liam Smith who was shot dead by a rival gang.
The gangleader is white, aged 19, 5ft 6ins and thin.