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Liverpool council's licensing committee yesterday agreed two seats at either end of each row will be left empty in the hope of creating more space for fans and stopping them standing in the gangways during games.
About 48 people - all wearing construction helmets to protect against injury - were crowded onto the gangway when the structure collapsed, pulling down scaffolding and sending people plunging more than 50ft to the ground.
This spectacle can be seen from terrace, restaurant and bars at second floor level, and from a raised access gangway.
In an interview with Piers Morgan, she said: "I was walking across the bridge, near Paddington, and as I crossed this sort of gangway which went down to the station I felt suddenly someone too close to me and he, within seconds, was in front of me trying to drag me down this gangway and the police believe that he was trying to rape me.
Should we put a hat by the gangway to gratefully collect all contributions and crumbs from our international visitors?
The 16-year-old - who cannot be named for legal reasons - was with her boyfriend and another pal when they stumbled across Kilo on the ship's gangway early in the morning.
As soon as I said that I was disabled, seats were arranged on the gangway in the finest area and the staff in the NIA were very helpful, even arranging a taxi to bring me home.
An inquest has heard how a sailor drowned when a gangway he was standing on collapsed.
The bigger design meant two people could pass easily in the gangway and it could carry 80 people, rather than 70, and still provide them with a comfortable journey.
There was very little gangway space - stopping at a port, it could take up to 30 minutes for passengers to disembark.
Gangway paths connect the Upper Deck to the other areas, such as the Lower Deck, which will feature a wooden boardwalk and concrete planking, creating a 28-foot-wide promenade.
The Licensing Unit attended the game and noted that, in spite of the efforts of the Club, the gangway .