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These youngsters' gapes paled beside those of untreated nestmates.
As stated by Riisgard (2001b) the valve-closing phenomenon, which has also been clearly demonstrated in the present work, represents a physiological adaptation to filter feeding in extremely meager situations, when a reduced valve gape reduces the metabolism of the mussel (Jorgensen et al.
The attack, in which Mrs Gape suffered whiplash and a stiff arm after being pushed into her fence, took place just after 8pm on Wednesday.
Results from our study are similar to the findings of other researchers where it was shown that valve gape alone was only a coarse indicator of feeding rates in bivalve molluses and that more information, such as knowledge of prior feeding history, or concurrent measurements of other parameters such as cross sectional area of the exhalant aperture and particle concentrations over time were needed to interpret the valve gape data (Newell et al.
At each observation interval, the presence or absence of gaping and the gape width, defined as the distance (in millimeters) between the left and right valve of a gaping oyster at the ventral shell margin, was recorded.
She said: "I usually have to wear a T-shirt under all my blouses and leave some buttons open because the buttons always gape if I try to do them up.
In the three species considered, yellow flange tissue near the gape was more saturated than more lateral tissue, suggesting higher levels of caroteneoid deposition in medial flange tissue.
Southampton: Gazzaniga, Chambers, Stephens, Turnbull, Targett, Gape, Reed, Moore, Isgrove, Sinclair (McQueen 80), Rowe.
But Rhys Gabe had been born Rees Thomas Gape and was listed as such in the 1881 British Census, just six names away from his cousin Ivor Thomas Gape of Llangennech, near Llanelli, whose mother's maiden name was Jones.
Users access standard editions of Google Apps for free, but businesses can pay $50 per user, per year for GAPE, which includes a service-level agreement, greater security, 24/7 support and more storage.
Companies looking at GAPE need to get comfortable with three main areas before moving ahead: the SaaS delivery model, the capabilities of the solution and Google as a company.
Filled with a cast of off-center characters and lopsided shenanigans, readers will blunder along with Gape, Groan and Gordo as they meet their adventures "head" on, becoming unlikely heroes in the process.