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O ne a tlhalosa gape gore fa ba sa duelwe e ya bo e se mathata a GABS, mathata a a bo a tswa mo marenyaneng a a dirisiwang a ba senang taolo mo go one le ntswa ba a duelela.
But Rhys Gabe had been born Rees Thomas Gape and was listed as such in the 1881 British Census, just six names away from his cousin Ivor Thomas Gape of Llangennech, near Llanelli, whose mother's maiden name was Jones.
We recorded the duration (in milliseconds) of the entire gape cycle and also the time that the outermost anterior and posterior labial tooth rows (A-1 and P-2/P-3, depending on surgery treatment) were attached to the algal-covered substrate.
affinis gape length resulting in the potential for gape-limitation.
O boletse gape gore go ne ga nna le dikotsi di le thataro mme ga nna dikgobalo tse dikgolwane tse pedi, a tlhalosa fa bapagami ba dikoloi tse ba le babedi ba robaditswe kwa dipateleng tsa Scottish Livingstone kwa Molepolole le kwa Princess Marina kwa Gaborone.
Fault zones that gape open to swallow people, speeding trains, and even small towns?
Great grandmother Doreen Gape was on her way home from a doctor's appointment when her hooded attacker pounced, ripping her handbag off her shoulder.
The motion also flares open a bird's mouth to gape extra wide.
Gape Kapler (Taft-Moorpark College) went 2 for 5 with a homer and three RBI for for Triple-A Toledo.
Gape Kapler (Taft) hit a three-run homer for Double-A Jacksonville Tuesday and shattered the Southern League's RBI record.