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Why assume that a doubled-up body, a contorted, purple face, and a gaping mouth emitting a series of ear-splitting shrieks point to a state of more intelligent happiness than a pensive face reposing upon a little white hand, and a pair of gentle tear-dimmed eyes looking back through Time's dark avenue upon a fading past?
In addition to this principal group scattered about the grotto, as the chances of death or surprise had stretched them, isolated bodies seemed to be making ghastly exhibitions of their gaping wounds.
Upon one side of the doomed pair the thag bellowed and advanced, and upon the other tarag, the frightful, crept toward them with gaping mouth and dripping fangs.
So no one vexed him as he trotted through the winding pathways between the many houses and past the obscene kingposts of totemic heraldry, where the forms of men, carved from single tree trunks, were seated in the gaping jaws of carved sharks.
Then snatching the lantern from Daddy Jacques, he held it over the corpse and saw a gaping wound.
As soon as we were alongside (where I sat fairly gaping at the ship's height, the strong humming of the tide against its sides, and the pleasant cries of the seamen at their work) Hoseason, declaring that he and I must be the first aboard, ordered a tackle to be sent down from the main-yard.
The gaping salmon and the golden mullet lying on the slab seem to turn up their eyes sideways, as they would turn up their hands if they had any, in worshipping admiration.
But in reexamining images of a giant impact basin -- a gaping 2-kilometer- deep hole -- in the southern highlands, two researchers say they have found new evidence that liquid water once flowed on Mars.
But you also don't need the broad and cartoonish performances that threaten to tear a gaping hole through Vivirito's production.
Maddix needed the stitches to plug a gaping wound suffered in a collision with Rangers goalkeeper Ludek Miklosko against Oxford.
The gaping wounds on the object's contorted surface doubled as tunnels for the immobile toy trains--atrophied, self-circulating travel refusing to proceed around a globe of materialized entropy.