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A common and much-explored thought is Lukasiewicz's idea that the future is "indeterminate"--that is, "gappy" with respect to some claims--and that such indeterminacy bleeds back into the present in the form of gappy "future contingent" claims.
His lips are parted, revealing his gappy, recently acquired adult front teeth.
Not many people know this, but Manchester United legend Nobby Stiles, who held the Jules Rimet Trophy aloft with a very gappy grin on his face, was stitched up at Wembley back in 1966.
It looks like the star, who lives with wife Ann-Marie Duff and their one-year-old son Brendan in London, has had veneers to sort out his gappy smile.
No hearty "ah-harrrrs", no severed forearms, no malicious, gappy smiles as the winning swordsman readies himself for the coup de grace.
On Sunday night the Radio 1 and 1Xtra star brings his Trevor Nelson Presents show to the club with talent including Fonti & Bushkin, Gappy Ranks, Hott2Deff and DJ Shane.
PICTURE EXCLUSIVE; Connie on last year's show; NOW Smile shows two new gnashers; THEN Cute Connie charms with gappy grin; Winner Paul had a visit from the tooth fairy too.
He stuck his head where most feared to tread and always seemed to come out the other side with a gappy grin and a celebratory arm in the air.
The town discovered in this ontologically gappy world is also incomplete in a typically fictional way, having been begun by an American novelist who "abandoned it to become a journalist" (153).
Lots of love from your daughter Linda GAMBLE MARCIA Best Nanna Happy Mothers Day Lots of love Phoebe ,Alice and Owen xx Gappy CLARE Happy Mother's Day.
GAPPY Angelic Connie wows millions on Britain's Got Talent; HAPPY She shows off her new teeth while on garden swing Picture: MARTIN SPAVEN