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GARDEN. A piece of ground appropriated to raising plants and flowers.
     2. A garden is a parcel of a house and passes with it. Br. Feoffm. de terre, 53; 2 Co. 32; Plowd. 171; Co. Litt. 5 b, 56 a, b. But see Moore, 24; Bac. Ab. Grants, I.

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THE GARDEN AS spiritual autobiography is a common theme explored by Donna Sinclair's The Spirituality of Gardening and Gunilla Norris" A Mystic Garden, Working with Soil, Attending to Soul.
Gardening with plants from the state may seem like a no-brainer, but people often gravitate to what's cheap, available and common when it comes to home landscaping.
Through organic gardening, worms thrive and add microbial life and natural fertilizer to your garden.
In effect, cultural criticism, mostly nature 2 and 3 (that is, second nature as habit and third as art) is challenging the established habits of gardening, and dominant view of nature.
At facilities where creating a separate garden isn't feasible, a small concrete patio or a rooftop area can be designed for horticultural activities, with raised planters for gardening.
From California to Vermont, readers responded to our request to share gardening experiences.
I have so many residents who had a leisure history of gardening," says Bethany Terrace Director of Activities Lori Lentz.
My contention that the principles which governed the conduct of the art of dance in the Renaissance were the same as those which determined other creative endeavours, including that of the planting and design of gardens,(4) was also recognized at the time is supported by Sir Hugh Plat, who published several gardening books in the early seventeenth century.
Approximately two million young people are in school GROW LAB programs, and in 1994, 543,288 kids from 4-H camps studied plant science and participated in gardening.
Inspired by a South Bay woman, who channeled her talent for gardening into hosting annual charity garden tours to help battered women, Larsen borrowed the tool like an old rake.
D With Middle Eastern terrorism so much in the news these days, perhaps many of yon are wondering how gardening is done in the desert.
This highlights a small decline in interest and enjoyment of gardening and identifies barriers to people undertaking the amount of gardening that they might ideally wish to do.