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Here again we have the multicoloured, the strident and the downright inelegant, with players, both male and female, wearing garish tops and garish shorts.
Garish or not, the fact remains that many people will now walk past the castle without going in to enjoy what it has to offer.
The King of Rock 'n' Roll was famous for the garish and naff jumpsuits he draped himself in, while on stage in Las Vegas, worn so he could get even more attention.
HAVING spent a vast amount of taxpayers' money on the 'improvements' in St George's Square, is the council going to give it a chance to look its best on the August debut day or are they going to allow the garish and cheap-looking posters to remain in place on the former building society?
A SUPERMARKET giant is toning down the look of a petrol station after a planning inspector ruled that its company colours were too garish for its sedate setting.
The site design is clean and tidy and its lack of garish colours and animations means you won't get busted for perusing it at work - which would only make your problems worse
I have not yet been to the stadium, but I'm offended at the garish advertising scenario spelled out on the outside walls.
What was quiet and meditative becomes shrieking and ominous, the sublime depiction of majestic topography twisted into garish chemical goo.
Material wellbeing has, on the surface, improved over the past decade, but much of what foreigners see is a garish veneer, the image of how China thinks it should look in 2005.
Crafted in blood red ABS plastic and depicting a Morph-like human form, the garish Voodoo has five strategically-positioned slots in which to place five quality knives, which are also included.
Moore laughs: "You stay away from garish oranges and pinks and really big hair and shoulder pads.
Against a garish red curtain lit harshly by a row of footlights, four men and four women decked out in Emilio Sosa's brash burlesque outfits sit expectantly in a row of chairs.