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His beard, plucked out by the root from every other part of his face, was suffered to droop in hairy pendants, two of which garnished his under lip, and an equal number hung from the extremity of his chin.
She was in the position of a hostess who has swept and garnished her house against the coming of a guest and waits in vain for that guest's arrival.
As she passed through a wicket-gate to where the path was narrow, and lay between two hedges garnished here and there with trees, she heard a rustling close at hand, which brought her to a sudden stop.
Bits of board, straw, old decayed barrels and boxes, garnished the ground in all directions; and three or four ferocious-looking dogs, roused by the sound of the wagon-wheels, came tearing out, and were with difficulty restrained from laying hold of Tom and his companions, by the effort of the ragged servants who came after them.
The data shows that 26 percent of men ages 35 to 55 working at large manufacturing jobs in the Midwest have their wages garnished.
Ismail's Smile Like a Donut cocktail ($13) at Greek restaurant Kapnos mixes Beefeater 24 gin with Idoniko brandy and house-made grapefruit tonic, garnished with dill, juniper berries and dehydrated grapefruit.
Although Brock garnished the bombe with macaroon cookies from Boule, you can use fresh fruits, if desired.
If your wages are garnished, however, you can fight back "Once a person's wages have been garnished, they will have the opportunity to challenge the amount or assert exemptions," says Mayton.
To serve: Arrange the almond cookies next to a slice of bundt cake with mascarpone cream and grape jelly garnished with champagne grapes.
Another drink from the list of a dozen cocktails, priced $9 to $11, is the Shiso Simple; an Asian-accented variation on a Pimm's Cup, which substitutes Japanese yuzu citrus juice for the lemon and is garnished with an aromatic shiso leaf--also borrowed from Japanese cuisine.
Give bisque a final taste for seasoning, pour it into warmed soup bowls and serve garnished with reserved orange zest and chives.
SOURS are made from whiskey or brandy, lemon juice and sugar, shaken well and poured into a whiskey or Delmonico glass and garnished with fruit.