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Christian and nurse Rosemary D Camp, his superiors at a white hospital, who, after giving him a golden bed-pan inscribed with his name for zeal in cleaning slops and administering electric shocks to incurably insane white patients, fire him when his wages are troublesomely garnisheed.
Less useful is the federal salary offset that allows the wages of federal employees to be garnisheed if they are in default of a federal loan.
My parents had friends who had recently come up from the South and thus were familiar with bankruptcy, garnisheed wages, and failed credit.
Moreover, these "wages" work out to a lot less for prison inmates, since they can be garnisheed for room and board in prison and prisoners have to pay taxes on their work (unlike conventional prison work).
But the payment didn't come until after the utility filed suit against the company last July, Symbiotics missed a court-mandated payment in September, and the utility garnisheed company bank accounts for $121,650 in November and $375 in December.
His paycheck from Blackstone National was garnisheed by the IRS for $5,192.