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I would hate to see them obtain employment, only for the new employer to receive a garnishment order,'' she said.
The garnishment order affected the entire Comprehensive Funding Arrangement's ("CFA") monthly allocation to God's Lake First Nation, leaving the community with no funds to manage the reserve and maintain services to its members.
Based on some of your comments and your reference to the employee as a "deadbeat dad," it sounds as if you might also need to be reminded that it is illegal employment discrimination to treat an employee differently because his wages are being garnished, regardless of the reason behind the garnishment order.
Standard & Poor's, however, recognizes that there is some uncertainty about the status of Pertamina's stake in Tugu Insurance after a Hong Kong court in 2002 issued a garnishment order permitting Karaha Bodas Co.
She was awarded alimony in the divorce and had a garnishment order against her ex-husband's income.
a Canadian corporation, had been charged in Canada with evading compliance with the Income Tax Act of Canada, by failing to comply with the requirements of a garnishment order.
TALX garnishment service leverages an employer's data on The Work Number, TALX employment verification service, to screen their garnishment orders for a completely secure and paperless process.
Appealable nonfinal orders under this category have involved attachment and replevin, but there has been confusion regarding garnishment orders.
oil companies could face garnishment orders in the United States that, in turn, would put them in breach of their host-government contracts.
These benefits, which are legally protected from court-issued garnishment orders, are critical to the survival of many recipients.
Now that they can be subjected to garnishment orders, it will be that much harder for band councils to cope.
Once enacted, this regulation will stop banks from illegally freezing Social Security, SSI and veterans' benefits to satisfy garnishment orders from debt collectors," said Margot Saunders, an attorney with the National Consumer Law Center.