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His remarks also contained an open threat to opposition parties, who he unjustly accused of defending the right to use gasoline bombs, over their resistance against the bill.
Outside parliament, demonstrators hurled chunks of marble and gasoline bombs at riot police, who responded with tear gas and stun grenades.
Sami said protesters threw gasoline bombs in the clashes, which wounded hundreds.
Six rioters attacked security forces with gasoline bombs that seriously injured two police officers and set their vehicle on fire.
As in previous demonstrations, gasoline bombs played a prominent role.
Smoke spires were noticed after fighters, mostly from the western city of Misurata, threw gasoline bombs and grenades into abandoned homes in the village, a center for Gaddafi's tribe, the Kadafa, The Los Angeles Times reports.
The violence has seen gasoline bombs thrown and cars, homes and shops torched.
The agencysaid the police and troops fired warning shots todisperse the crowd, which hurled gasoline bombs and stones.
Superman stands in Tehran silently for 24 hours as he is pelted with gasoline bombs, but also receives roses and cheers from the demonstrators.
There were also violent scenes as protesters clashed with riot police in central Athens, smashing cars and hurling gasoline bombs during protests against government austerity measures to cut the crisis-hit country's yawning deficit.
Attackers threw gasoline bombs into a Cancun, Mexico, bar Tuesday morning, killing at least eight people and doing further damage to Mexico's tourism industry.
But the cables, lights, batteries, and electrical tape that crown the objects give them a sinister cast, evocative of the moment when rudimentary gasoline bombs or Molotov cocktails adopt the technological sophistication to become more damage-inducing improvised explosive devices.