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Sami said protesters threw gasoline bombs in the clashes, which wounded hundreds.
Six rioters attacked security forces with gasoline bombs that seriously injured two police officers and set their vehicle on fire.
There were also violent scenes as protesters clashed with riot police in central Athens, smashing cars and hurling gasoline bombs during protests against government austerity measures to cut the crisis-hit country's yawning deficit.
Attackers threw gasoline bombs into a Cancun, Mexico, bar Tuesday morning, killing at least eight people and doing further damage to Mexico's tourism industry.
But the cables, lights, batteries, and electrical tape that crown the objects give them a sinister cast, evocative of the moment when rudimentary gasoline bombs or Molotov cocktails adopt the technological sophistication to become more damage-inducing improvised explosive devices.
In Thessaloniki, Greece's second-largest city, youths threw gasoline bombs at police, set fire to several cars and smashed 10 store fronts, including a Starbucks cafe.
Soon radicalized young people were once again heaving homemade gasoline bombs at Soviet armor.
Local bands and marimbas have replaced the sound of explosions, and the smell of gasoline bombs and tear gas have given way to the scent of coffee and mole sauce, two of Oaxaca's specialties.
Officials said older youths, many already known to police, appeared to be teaching younger teens to make gasoline bombs and carry out attacks.
19, Shiite Arab rioters were seen on TV throwing gasoline bombs at British tanks in Basrah.
About 500 Iraklis fans hurled rocks and gasoline bombs at riot police after being barred from entering the airport arrivals area to greet players returning home.
About 500 fans hurled rocks and gasoline bombs at police because they were not allowed to enter the airport arrivals area to meet players, reported The Associated Press.