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El nombre se refiere al gaster (el apice es negro y el resto del cuerpo es amarillo).
This suggests that these cues are mainly located in the head, even though additional signals can be also found on the thorax, because the recognition is lost in treatments where only the gaster was tested.
Metasoma with petiole short, inconspicuous in dry-mounted specimens; gaster, particularly the apical gastral tergum, strongly elongate (Fig.
Head black, with mandibles testaceous; antennae brown; mesosoma and gaster black; legs brown.
An uncle on Revici's mother's side, Moses Gaster (1856-1939), was the chief rabbi of the Sephardic Jewish communities in England.
Peter Gaster, chairman of the National Tyre Distributors Association, said: "Our concern is that foreign-registered cars often come from countries which have less stringent standards than the UK.
Chapter 4 focuses on allegory, with stress on Frere Jean, the Erasmian banquet of the Tiers Livre, the Chicanous, the Andouilles, and Gaster--Renner's parallel between Gaster and the Papimanes is convincing.
The rhythm section of drummer Jean-Paul Gaster and bassist Dan Maines is the sort of pliable and accommodating combo that holds the mayhem together.
Zepharma, which ranks eighth in Japan's nonprescription market, markets the popular Gaster 10 stomach drug among other products.
13 mm) dense on head; several on promesonotum, petiole, postpetiole and gaster.
The careers of Stella McCartney, Julien McDonald, Antonio Beradi, Owen Gaster, Anthony Symonds, Arkadius, Sheila Maloney and Ann-Louise Rosewald were all launched in Graduate Fashion Week.