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We found that the Left gastric artery originated from the abdominal aorta rather than from the coeliac trunk in 2% of our cadavers.
Gastric artery bleeding secondary to chronic occlusion of the splenic artery (with video) Gastrointest Endosc 2010; 71:1335.
Catheter-directed gastric artery chemical embolization suppresses systemic ghrelin levels in porcine model.
In the upper part, the cystic artery, the proper hepatic artery and the right gastric artery formed an arterial network, which ran downward.
In all, they compared 15 patients who had embolisation of the left gastric artery and 18 patients who had had an embolisation procedure elsewhere.
The procedure, called gastric artery chemical embolization (GACE), uses a catheter to introduce tiny beads into the left gastric artery.
Posterior gastric wall was separated from transverse mesocolon and vessels of the lesser curvature and right gastric artery were ligated.
The left gastric artery, as the first branch of the coeliac trunk, was observed in 66 (66.
On careful observation, we observed that the celiac axis had four branches: (a) left gastric artery, (b) common hepatic artery, (c) splenic artery and (d) an aberrant branch, which took a course inferiorly towards the pancreas ('A' in Fig.
4-cm ruptured pseudoaneurysm of the left gastric artery within a large pancreatic pseudocyst (Figure 2).
The coeliac trunk, the chief arterial supply for the foregut derivatives and one of the ventral branches of the abdominal aorta, usually gives origin to three branches, namely the splenic artery, the common hepatic artery and the left gastric artery.