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Gateway addresses each school's unique, complex buying needs and processes by providing reliable eProcurement services for today's eMarketplace.
Both the Gateway 850 and Gateway 820 support the increasing trend of storage outside the server and deliver superior value with high-density form factors, high-availability features and standard three-year warranties.
They also enhance the value of an existing SAN by allowing it to service NAS applications through the gateway.
The stadium-arena complex is called Gateway and is operated by the nonprofit Gateway Economic Development Corporation, headed by Tom Chema, a downtown corporate lawyer who wants to be governor.
The VDSL2 residential gateway reference platform merges the power of Jungo's OpenRG gateway software platform with Ikanos' Fusiv[R] processor.
MONTREAL -- Dialogic Corporation ("Dialogic"), a global provider of world class products and technologies for media and signal processing, announced today an expanded Dialogic IP Media Gateway product line.
The availability of the voice-only MGX 8880 has yet to bolster Cisco's market share in the high- density segment of the media gateway market.
Nasdaq:PMCS) today announced an enhanced residential gateway platform to enable flexible and reliable delivery of carrier-grade services into the digital home.
The Veraz solution has enabled Gateway Communications to link mobile networks cost-effectively across over 30 countries throughout Africa and to connect with their European gateway network.
Taiwanese Enterprise VoIP Gateway Shipment Volume, 1Q 2004 - 1Q 2006
The Citrix Access Gateway provides secure, on-demand access to any enterprise resource over public networks, offers administrators more levels of fine-grained control over applications and IT resources, and supports all protocols and applications, including multimedia and voice-over-IP (VoIP) applications.
The company supplies gateway CPE to both traditional telecommunications carriers and the new generation of Internet telephony service providers.

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