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Perez Hilton Superfan: Lady Gaga (ITV2, 10pm) GATHER round, gather round.
Geese, I am told, take it in turns to be the leading goose, forging through the air to allow those behind to benefit from their lead; calling out, to encourage each other; and breaking off into small groups to gather round and support those who can't quite keep up.
Why not join in with our Hula-Hoopers or gather round the camp fire for story time with some yummy marshmallows.
So gather round a glass (or two) of beers from the only Trappist brewery in the Netherlands.
POLICE gather round an amazing find in a remote Cornish cove - a pounds 2 million suspected cocaine haul.
Andrew said the UK's monarch sometimes prefers to leave the room as the rest of the Royal Family gather round the TV at Sandringham on December 25 to view the annual broadcast.
They will gather round and support Him, and see Him as their leader and mentor, teacher and guide.
For instance, our committee looked recently at an excellent and affordable curriculum called Gather Round.
At left, kids gather round an 18-year-old Burmese python from the Placerita Nature Center.
Different groups may live closer together, but that doesn't mean they gather round each others' homes every Sunday afternoon.
Come gather round and hear the cautionary tale of yet another unsuspecting voyager who met with grief while traveling on the information highway we know as the Internet.
Every night they gather round a table and deal cards; the man who gets the Ace of Spades dies.