gather together

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Alison Jolly has described "stink fights" in which a number of animals gather together on the ground with their tails raised and "throw" odors at each other by moving around and waving their tales back and forth over their heads.
We need, instead, to gather together to promote opportunities," said Lenore Janis, president of Professional Women in Construction at the organization's eleventh annual event, which was held on Nov.
I ask them to take their heads out of the company spreadsheets, turn off their pagers, and gather together for what we've dubbed "The Businessdudes' Retreat.
Its purpose was to gather together the most distinguished scientists in the country to advise the government on matters related to science.
Rasch from inside the hillside Victorian sanctuary, ``as we gather together in this historic building, on this historic day, we praise you.
BPM Think Tank 2007 will gather together experts and practitioners alike to discuss the practical application of BPM standards, technologies and practices to achieve successful business results.
Community leaders who are concerned about the current state of the foster-care system must gather together and figure out ways to combat this crisis.
This is an opportunity for the biotech community to gather together and share ideas that will shape the future of our region.
Families gather together to first light one candle known as the shamash.
The NERC offers a home-like environment where neighbors can receive training to develop skills for employment and gather together to discuss important issues surrounding the community.
The people of Santa Barbara need to gather together and pay respects to someone we really felt was part of our family,'' said Beatles historian Martin Lewis.