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The recall campaign has registered at least 10 paid signature gatherers with the state, Angela Martin, a spokeswoman for the Oregon Democracy Fund, said Thursday.
Internet order gatherers are successful because they make it easy to purchase gifts," said Jon Kuhlmann, owner of Kirkwood Florist in St.
To be sure, the signature gatherers ought not be misleading people to sign their petition.
The fact that this happens everywhere leads me to think that the taste for meat is probably an innate appetite, reflecting four million years of hunters and gatherers.
Already, the signature gatherers are out qualifying initiatives for November.
But they kept drawing on their own past experience as shepherds and gatherers to build in such protections of the earth and of their own long-term vision as the Shabbat, the Sabbatical Year, and the Jubilee, during which humans become gatherers again one-seventh of the time.
Many of the gatherers are people who have been on the fringes of the timber economy - high school students, women with young children, retirees.
The new Enterprise Sherman Extension is supported by long-term contracts with Devon Energy Corporation (NYSE:DVN), the largest producer in the Barnett Shale area, and significant indications of interest from leading producers and gatherers in the basin, as well as shippers on Enterprise's Texas intrastate pipeline system.
These Web sites are what the florist industry calls "order gatherers.
OUT-OF-WORK cockle gatherers from South Wales took their demands for changes in the way the shellfish are tested to No 10 Downing Street.
During some three centuries of colonization in the New World, the Spanish encountered and had to relate to a large variety of native peoples, from sedentary agriculturalists living under hierarchical state systems to nomadic hunters and gatherers in small bands.
This edited volume, which compiles a rich selection of papers presented at the sixth international conference on hunting and gathering societies (abbreviated CHAGS 6) which took place in May 1991 in Fairbanks, Alaska, represents a significant addition to the now well established field of hunter-gatherer studies Sharing the co-editors' research interests (both Ernest Burch and Linda Ellanna are Inuit specialists), most contributors discuss Northern hunters, gatherers and fishermen.