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Lo Duca had a conversation last weekend with Marlins owner Jeffrey Loria, who made headlines over the winter by ordering the grandest, gaudiest World Series rings ever.
While Upper Hastings boasts some of the gaudiest (some might say tackiest) lights in California, everyone gets swept up in the festive spirit.
Turquoise, blue or violet are the best and the quickest way to transform the gaudiest of bathrooms is to use a lightly blue-tinted lightbulb.
His latest outing finds Larry on the world's gaudiest cruise ship, the PMS Bouncy (probably of Panamanian registry?
And except for the last few quarterbacks - the previous three are playing Division I college football, and current starter Matt Moore has comitted to UCLA - they don't always boast the gaudiest statistics.
The dozen levels, some of which contain the gaudiest of graphics, are equally well-designed taking the Prince through diverse environments.
TM) -- the funniest Leisure Suit Larry adventure yet puts the hapless hero, Larry Laffer, aboard the world's gaudiest cruise ship, run by its gorgeous skipper, Captain Thygh.
How brave of him to sit 1,800 miles away, on top of the world with the gaudiest hitting stats in the major leagues, and fling an insult at the fans who supported him for seven seasons.
The main street of Sneem is the scene of ferocious competition between locals to paint their homes in the gaudiest colours.
In a football season overflowing with outstanding quarterbacks, Zac Wasserman of Westlake High didn't have the gaudiest statistics.
The Endymion club always has one of the season's biggest and gaudiest parades - 28 floats, 42 marching bands and 5,000 participants last year - with a celebrity as grand marshal.
There is also a story from Ernie Witham, who humorously recalls of watching as his children bought him the gaudiest golf clothing ever created.